Botswana Examinations Council (BEC) : How do I replace a lost, damaged or stolen certificate

How do I replace a lost, damaged or stolen certificate?

Requirements for Replacement of Certificate :

A Letter of confirmation for collection of original certificate from school ;

Affidavit as proof of damage/loss of certificate ;

Payment of P50.00 ;

Identity document (Omang for citizens and passport for non-citizens) ;

Names on certificate to be identical to names on Identity document (Otherwise proof to be provided: Affidavit for first name, marriage certificate, letter from Kgosi or letter from Omang Office for Surname) ;

When a person other than the owner of the certificate makes the request, the applicant is expected to produce an authorisation letter from the owner of the certificate to collect the certificate on their behalf 


1. A certificate is issued in the names of the candidate at the time they sat the examination. We will not provide replacement certificates to accommodate a latter change of name. 
2. Candidates are urged to handle and keep certificates with care and ensure their prolonged life span 
3. The BEC is responsible for the PSLE, JCE and BGCSE examinations ONLY. 
4. The above information can be accessed on the BEC website (